gentle care for delicate skin

allerco® emollient oily cream

allerco® emollient oily cream is a modern emollient preparation designed for dry, sensitive, atopic skin susceptible to irritation and allergy. It is recommended for use in children and infants. Its special formula provides long-lasting moisture and lipid supplementation, preventing skin dryness. The cream contains a unique combination of Regen7 molecule and highest quality ingredients.  Regen7 molecule protects the skin against irritation.  Vitamin E and glycerin mprove the ability of the skin to maintain appropriate moisture level and protect the natural epidermal lipid layer.  The used emollients prevent excessive evaporation of water from the deeper layers of the skin and protect the skin against harmful environmental factors.  The cream is a  hypoallergenic product, containing no fragrances and dyes.

How it works:

  • long-lasting lipid and moisture content supplementation, prevention of excessive dryness
  • soothing and reduction of susceptibility to irritation
  • reinforcement of natural epidermal lipid layer and protection against transepidermal water loss
  • marked reduction of skin dryness and coarseness, smoothening of the epidermis
  • protection against harmful environmental and atmospheric factors
  • improvement of epidermal smoothness and elasticity, restoring lost comfort to the skin

Instructions for use: Apply the cream onto the skin a few times a day.

Indications for use: Everyday care of dry, sensitive, atopic skin susceptible to irritation and allergy. allerco® emollient oily cream is recommended for skin care in children and infants as well as in adults.

Active ingredients: Regen7 molecule, emolients (isooctyl stearate, dicaprylyl carbonate, coconut oil fatty acid esters), vitamin E, glycerin

The package contains: 75 ml