gentle care for delicate skin
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Baby skin care

In the early period of life, and in neonates and infants in particular, the child’s skin differs significantly from the adult’s skin. It is considerably thinner and more delicate, is more “loosely” packed with cells and is less flexible. It loses water bound in the deeper layers more rapidly, and therefore it is more susceptible to dryness. The natural epidermal lipid layer of a young child is not tight enough, so it can be permeated more easily by harmful exogenous factors – bacteria, contaminants, chemical substances, temperature, sun radiation. This can lead to the development of various skin changes: disruptions of the epidermis, exfoliation, erythema, irritation or allergy. The skin becomes susceptible to disorders of allergic etiology: atopic dermatitis, rash, contact allergy. Each irritation of the skin can impair its protective function and therefore appropriate skin care is essential for the health and well being of the little one. The development of the skin sufficient to play the role of natural protective barrier is completed around 3 years of age. Therefore, before the child’s skin is ready to play this role, it needs assistance and appropriate protection. It should be kept in mind, that each child, even perfectly healthy, has delicate skin which requires continuous care. The selection of appropriate products for its hygiene and protection is very important.

Preparations designed for infants and children should primarily ensure:
  • appropriate lipid and moisture level,
  • restoration and stabilization of the lipid layer,
  • reduction of transepidermal water loss (TEWL),
  • alleviation of irritations.

However, at the same time, these products should contain gentle and highest quality washing agents, which do not cause allergies and irritations. On the other hand, these products should contain no dyes or fragrances.

Paediatricians and dermatologists particularly recommend preparations containing emollients for everyday and regular skin care in case of babies and infants, and especially skin with a tendency towards drying, irritations and atopic lesions.

allerco® emollient preparations ensure proper and effective skin protection in case of children and infants. These products offer:
  • care and hygiene during bath – allerco® bath lotion, allerco® washing bar, allerco® washing gel,
  • hair and scalp care – allerco® moisturising shampoo,
  • skin care during the bath as well as during the whole day – allerco® emollient oily cream, allerco® emollient moisturising cream, allerco® body balm,
  • care and protection of the skin in the diaper area – allerco®diaper rash cream.
allerco®® preparations contain no fragrances or dyes. They have been tested dermatologically on the skin of people with the positive atopic and allergic history. Their effectiveness has been confirmed in application studies. Conducted studies confirmed that allerco® preparations meet the requirements for care products for babies and infants.