gentle care for delicate skin
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How to choose a proper protective cream against diaper rash?

In case of irritated and inflamed bottom, it is essential to apply an effective protective preparation preventing diaper rash. Such product should contain properly selected, highest quality components, which do not cause any irritations or allergies. The composition of the product should be free of fragrances and dyes, as these agents are frequently responsible for hypersensitivity of small child’s skin.

The perfectly selected diaper rash cream:
  1. protects the child’s skin against irritating factors, namely urine and faeces,
  2. soothes irritations and inflammations,
  3. regulates bacterial microflora of the skin,
  4. hydrates and lubricates the skin intensely,
  5. strengthens the protective layer of the skin, restoring its balance and lost comfort.
Innovative allerco® diaper rash cream ensures this type of multi-level care for delicate and sensitive skin under the diaper. This is the only product that combines the activity of PP vitamin metabolite – a physiological active substance of vitamin origin, protecting against the occurrence of inflammations and irritations with::
  1. emollients (Shea butter, jojoba oil), which soften, hydrate, as well as strengthen and protect the hydrolipidic film;
  2. zinc oxide, which dries and soothes the skin;
  3. biolin, a natural prebiotic that maintains proper balance of bacterial skin flora and protects it against the development of undesired microorganisms;
  4. vitamin E and glycerine, which improve skin flexibility and improve its ability to maintain its proper hydration.
allerco® protective cream is recommended for everyday use from the 1st day of life. It soothes and alleviates. This cream supports and accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, restoring the lost comfort and natural balance of the skin. The cream creates a protective layer on the skin, enabling the skin to breathe, and it efficiently protects the skin against irritating factors. allerco® cream contains no fragrances or dyes. This product has been tested dermatologically on the skin of people with the positive atopic and allergic history. It is very well tolerated. Its effectiveness has been confirmed in application studies, also on the skin of small children.