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Inflammatory skin conditions in the diaper area (diaper rash)

p>Inflammatory skin conditions in the diaper area stand as one of the most common skin problems affecting infants and occurring on the skin as a result of irritation. This particular condition can be triggered by various irritating factors, which break the protective layer of the skin. The above mentioned factors include the direct contact of urine and faeces with the skin, leading to increased skin temperature, pH and moisture. Humid environment results in skin maceration and weakens the protective function of the skin. Such weakened epidermis is susceptible to abrasions caused by the diaper. The environment under the diaper also supports the development of various microorganisms. All these factors contribute to the occurrence of irritations and as a consequence lead to diaper rash.

Inflammatory skin conditions in diaper area are characterised by more or less visible skin reddening (erythema) and scaling of baby’s bottom, abdomen and genital organs. The exacerbation of lesions may cause swelling and oozing blisters, as well as erosions on the skin surface. These lesions are associated with burning sensation and pain. The baby feels uncomfortable, becomes irritable and whiny. Lack of proper hygienic and caring proceedings concerning the skin in diaper area may lead to intensification of lesions and the occurrence of bacterial and/or fungal superinfections. Oozing erosions and purulent crust (bacterial superinfection) and/or lumps and pustules filled with white fluid (fungal superinfections).

Any intensified and extensive erythematous lesions on the bottom should be immediately consulted with a paediatrician.