gentle care for delicate skin
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Hygiene and care of the diaper area

In order to protect the baby against skin inflammation conditions in the diaper area and all issues related with this problem, it is crucial to implement a simple and effective prophylaxis within the scope of diaper change and hygiene of diaper area. This includes:
  1. changing the diaper more frequently
  2. thorough cleaning and drying the of skin within the diaper area – after each diaper change it is essential to thoroughly clean the child’s skin, eliminate urine and faeces with the help of delicate washing agents (e.g. allerco® emollient preparations), which do not break the natural protective layer of the skin. It is not recommended to use cosmetic products not designed for children and those containing comedogenic (pore clogging) agents.
  3. using a proper cream reducing the severity of diaper rash during every diaper change – apply a small amount of the cream (e.g. allerco®) with circular moves on clean and thoroughly dried skin, in areas where the skin touches the diaper. Avoid rubbing the cream and massage it gently until obtaining a thin protective layer. It is enough to apply one layer of the preparation. A greater amount of the cream shall not increase its effectiveness.
  4. airing out the skin in the diaper area – before putting on a clean diaper, after washing and drying the skin, it is crucial to air out the bottom for a while.